DJ Gio



DJ Gio, A.K.A. “The Young Phenom” is one of the hottest DJs in Northern California!
DJ Gio’s inborn musical mix talent comes thru each time his fingers scratch the vinyl on “ones and twos”.

Sacramento born DJ Gio’s passion for music started at a very young age. As a child, DJ Gio would often sing along to the songs his parents played. He realized early on that he loved music and that it gave him a feeling of excitement and happiness.

Growing up a latch-key kid, one day while waiting for his mother to get off work he walked the mall past a music store called “Marsupial Records”. He was so taken back with the possibility of making his own music that he asked his mother to sign him up for the DJ Course. His mother knowing funds were at an all time low saved and paid for the course in hopes it would keep Gio on the right and out of the streets. DJ Supe owner of the music store soon became DJ Gio mentor when he saw DJ Gio possessed the talent for success.

He got his first shot at being a Disc Jockey while still in middle school from a school friend who was having a house party. Gio jokingly offered to DJ the party and a few phone calls later his friend hired him. DJ Gio accepted the gig, packed his turntables into his mother's car and the rest is history. DJ Gio has never looked back since.

Sacrificing being a kid and a regular social life, he began scratching and perfecting his mix skills at the age of 11, earning him the title of “The Young Phenom”. His popularity and success started locally in his hometown of Sacramento, rocking crowds and filling dance floors at weddings, proms, festivals, school dances, public charity events and so many others that talk quickly spread throughout the State as his talent for mixing, scratching, and rocking parties and clubs became known.

DJ Gio has perfected the art of mixing in all genres of music in both vinyl and digital in a variety formats that include laptops, CDs and turntables. 
DJ Gio can intermix old school into hip-hop into house and any genre in between with seamless accuracy. He has worked closely with many artists and has enlisted the support of A-list stars such as Rhianna, Fat Joe, Mya, Webbie, Ying Yang Twins, Ghostface Killa, Afrika Bambaataa, as well as many other local artists and promoters. As his emcee talents and his abilities to work the crowd syphon thru the industry – his popularity and demand continues to explode up and down the State and beyond.

In addition to playing events with Rock-It Productions, he produces and distributes his own mix-CDs. DJ Gio also has mixing sessions at various local radio stations. He plays at the most popular nightclubs in the Sacramento and in the Bay areas. DJ Gio has an exclusive contract with the Get-A-Clue store and has also worked events for the Sacramento Kings, VH1 and MTV Sweet 16 TV show.

DJ Gio is a true professional who prides himself in making any event fun, entertaining and profitable. He can do this because his play comes from the heart. His greatest joy is to see people dancing to his music! DJ Gio loves to delight people through his music and loves to see them dance to his mix! He knows that to accomplish that he has to read the crowd immediately to play the music that will rock the event and fill the dance floor. His strong ability and knack for reading a crowd is what keeps him at the top. DJ Gio is definitely the one you want spinning at your event!

DJ Gio’s talents go even further, beyond mixing and playing music. He is a certificated Recording Audio Engineer and possesses the experience and knowledge that is required to work with the various sound techniques and music philosophies. He enjoys assisting artists and hopefuls, as his schedule permits, on event preparation, event pre-planning assistance, and day-of event behind the scenes guidance and expertise.

DJ Gio ROCKS thousands of and doesn’t plan on stopping! He works non-stop and continually builds his contacts and popularity with tens of thousands following him on the various social networks. Such great talent and will continue to climb that ladder of success! He is young, hot, talented and just beginning!!